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9th std 2nd language english sa1 question paper 2018-19 raju hosamani nidagunda



DATE:                            TIME:90 MINUTES    TOTAL MARKS:40

Q.I] Answer the questions according to the suggestions given below:

A}. Change the positive forms in to negative forms:                                        2x1=2

1. I have come to school.

2. They went to Kalaburgi.

B} Pick out the right helping verb:                                                                       2x1=2

1. She                (have/has) written answers.

2. They                (were/was) going to market.

C} Write the past form of:                                                                                       2x1=2

1. know –

2. think -

Q.II] Fill in the blanks:                                                                                           4x1=4 [disciple, spade, result of good conduct, Betty Cuthbert, David Bateson]

1. Let me take the                and work in your place.

2. According to Yudhistira happiness is The                      .

3. The poem ‘A Girl Called Golden’ is written on                    .

4. Upagupta was the                 of Buddha.

Q.III] Answer the following questions in one sentence:                                 5x1=5

1. ‘English is a game to play’. How does the poet justify it?

2. Who did the king decide to seek advice from?

3. How do you think doctors can improve their image with their language?

4. What ere the games offered in the local school where Kapil was studying?

5.’Physicians and surgeons are dolts’. Why did the king call them dolts? 

Q.IV] Complete the stanza:                                                                                    1x4=4

I am grateful for the eyes

                                                          who need me near.

Q.V] Answer the following questions in two or three sentences each:        7x2=14

1. Why did Upagupta wake up startled??

2. In what way was Kapil ‘like all the other children’ around him?

3. What kind of atmosphere existed in the country when Aruna entered politics?

4. What according to the hermit, was the most important business?

5. Yudhistira himself proceeded in the direction his brothers had taken. What made you think that decision?

6. The poet speaks about matching words. What should we match the word


7.What re the ways in which we usually thank a person for having helped?

Q.VI] Reference to context:                                                                                    3x1=3

1. ‘’Maph Karo ( please excuse)’’

a. Who is referred in above statement?

b. To whom said this?

c. From which lesson this statement taken?

Q.VII] Imagine that you are Avinash/ Aishwarya of  9th Std, Gandhi Vidhyashala, Bellari.                                                                                                                      1x4=4

Write a letter to your friend about your  school and hostel mates

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