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9th std 2nd language english mid term exam question paper 2018-19 JOLADAL

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Class : 9th Std.                                            Marks : 90                                     Time : 2.45 Hour




Four alternatives are given.  Choose the correct answer and write.                       1x3=3


1.    The thought came to a certain king that he would  never fail if he..


(a) knew three things      (b) acquired more knowledge


(c) extended his state     (d) attcked on neighbour state.


2.    Kapils mother always regales him with tales of -


(a) fairies                            (b) Ramayana


(c) his naughty behaviour   (d) great sport personalities


3.    Arjuna wanted to destroy this unseen foe, but first he had to - (a) ask permission from his brother    (b) quench his terrible thirst (c) find out where it was                      (d) answer the questions


Answer the following  questions in 2/3 sentences each.                                      2x3=6


4.    How did Kapil and his friends spend most of their time  in their childhood ?


5.    What was the warning of the Yaksha to Yudhistira ?


6.    According to hermit ‘Now is the most important time. Why ?


Read the following  extracts and answer the question given.                                    3x3=9


7.    Your arrows cant touch me


(a) Who is the speaker ?


(b) Why was statement made ?


(c) Who does ‘your refer to here ?


8.    Let me take the spade and  work in your place


(a) Whom  was statement made ? (b) Who is ‘me refer to here ?

(c) Why do you think the speaker made the statement ?


9.    She  counted them everyday. (a) Who is she referred to ?

(b) Who does the word them referred to here ? (c) Why did she  count them everyday ?


Answer the following  question in a paragraph.                                                  1x4=4


10.   Why did Yudhistira choose Nakula in preference to Bhima ?



Four alternatives are given  choose correct answer.                                            1x1=1


11.   The poet places the heart above all else  because he may -


(a) love           (b) comforts the needy


(c) pray        (d) guide


Answer the following  questions in 2/3 sentences each.                                      1x2=2


12.   Why were the poet grateful for eyes  and ears ?


Read the following  extracts and answer the question given.                                    1x3=3


13.   “Forgive me, young  ascetic, said  the women.


(a) Who does the word women refer to ? (b) To whom did this say ?

(c) Why does speaker say so ?


Quote from memory.                                                                                                       1x4=4


14.           I am grateful for the eyes............






......................who need me near.


Answer the following  question in a paragraph.                                                  1x4=4


15.   Write the summary of the poem  Upagupta ?




Answer the following  questions in 2/3 sentences each.                                      1x2=2


16.   What was the impact of Aruna’s public  address during the Salt Satyagraha ?



17.   Replace the underline word with apt. word beginning with un/in/im.                  2 (a) Anusha could  not go to school because he was not well.


(b) It is not possible to sing like Bhimsen Joshi.


Fill in the blank with appropriate form of words given  in brackets.                       2


18.   The committee has ...... to make Jagadish captain of the team. The ....... is likely to please everyone. (decide)


Fill in the blanks with a suitable word given  in the brackets.                                   2


19.   Once a .......(farmer / former) went to ...... (meet / meat) Chief Minister.


Give one  word for the following  sentence.                                                            1


20.   A person who lives alone and leads a simple  life -



Read the following  passage and answer the questions that follows.                1x4=4


When  I was in the seventh standard Dorabji Edulgi Gimi was the head master. He was popular among students, as he was a disciplinarian, a man of method and a good  teacher. He had made gymnastics and cricket  compulsory of the boys  of the upper class. I disliked both. I never took  part in any exercises. My shyness was the one  of the reasons for this aloofness. Which  I now see  was wrong. I then had false notion that gymnastics had nothing to do with education.

21.   Whos the head master in the 7th std ?   22.  Which  games were made compulsory ?


23.   What notion did Gandiji have about games in early part of his life ?


24.   Why did not Ganding want to take part in games ?


Read the following  dialogues and answer the following  questions.                        1x4=4


Class teacher         : Hello Anand, Congratulation. Anand                     : Thank you sir.

Class Teacher        : It seems you are so sad today.


Anand                     : Im not satisfied with my performance sir.


Class Teacher        : I came to know that you did fairly  well in the game. Anand                     : Of course sir.  I practiced hard but got the second place.


25.   How did Class teacher fill the confidence ?      26.  Who is congratulating Anand ?


27.   Which  place did Anada get in competition ?    28.  Why was Ananda not satisfied ?


29.  Read the following  two boxes and write a sentence by using  bigger than        1



Box ‘A’               Box B


Read the following  words and rewrite them in meaningful sentence.                1


30.  wise/ was / Hermit / a/ man


A sentence is given  below.  It has two errors. Edit it and write.                             2


31.  Once a man found a eagle’s egg and place it under a brooding hen.


(a) Articles to be corrected.         (b) Verbal mistake to be corrected.


32.  Imagine that you are Aadya / Aditya, Janata Girls High School  Hangal.          4


Write a letter to your class teacher requesting 2 days leave.


33.  Given  below  is a Profile of Mr. Ramesh Write a paragraph using  clues.            4


Age                            : 50 years Qualification          : MBBS Profession              : Doctor

Hobbies                  : reading novels, playing tennis.

GRAMMAR (Language Use)


34.  Fill in the blanks by choosing correct helping verb.  ( was, is, were, are)             2 (a) He ...... travelling to Delhi yesterday.      (b) Your friends ........ calling you.

35.  Fill in the blanks by choosing correct wh word. (Where, When, Who, Which)  2 (a) ..... did India become independence ?      (b) ..... can you find lions in India ?

36.  Choose the appropriate modal.  (Can, Might, May, Will)                                              2 (a) ........you you help me?        (b) ........ I come  in ?

37.  Match the words with their collocatives.                                                                          2 (a) Post  -       (run, colour, office, pen)     (b) Time -     (table, fan, bench, house)

Fill in the blanks with suitable antonym.                                                                          1


38.  Iron is hard but silk is .......


Fill in the blank with appropriate preposition.  (on, in ,at, of)                                    2


39.  Upagupta was sleeping ....  the dusty ground ....  Mathura.


Fill in the blanks choosing the appropriate tense form of the verbs.                 2


40.  Yudhistira .......... (send) Nakula to fetch some  water. Nakula was glad  when he ......... (get) the place.


Use  the correct articles. ( a, an, the)                                                                    2


41.  There are two persons in the bus, ..... old man and ..... woman.


Combine the following  sentence using  conjunctions given  in brackets.                2


42.  Many wise men came to the king........ they all answered differently.........he decided to meet hermit to get answer.     ( but, because, and, so )


Change the following  sentence in to negative forms.                                          2


43.  (a) Arjuna cared for the words of the Yaksha.               (b) We play game.


44.  Frame questions to get underline word as an answer.                                        2 (a) I buy four books.      (b) Virat Kohli is the the captain of Indian cricket team.



Arrange the following  words in order in which  they are put in dictionary.         2


45.  climb, clue, cloud, clatter


46.  To get the meaning of a new  word we refer ......                                                 1


(a) dictionary    (b) thesaurus     (c) encyclopedia


47.  Decode the following  SMS into a sentence.                                                         1


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