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10th Chapterwise Physics & Chemistry problems eng version

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Types of motion

1. The fequency of a radio wave is 600 kHz. What is it’s wavelength?

2. Calculate the period of a wave, which is having the wavelength 17m and wave velocity


3.A tuning fork vibrates at a frequency of 100Hz and the velocity of sound in air is 340 m/s. Calculate it’s wavelength.

4.The frequency of sound wave is 256 Hz and it’s wavelength is 1.2m. Calculate it’s wave velocity.

5. Calculate the frequency of a wave of wavelength 1 cm, travelling with a speed 330m/s.


6.Calculate the work done by a 40% efficient heat engine by consuming 840 kJ of heat and also calculate the total heat lost during transformation of heat energy into mechanical energy.

7. Calculate the efficiency of the heat engine, if it performs a work of 240 J using 480 J of heat energy.

8. Calculate the work done by a 25% efficient heat engine if 750 kJ of heat energy is supplied to it. Also calculate the total heat lost during transformation of heat energy into mechanical energy.

9. The efficiency of a heat engine is 40%. If 1200kJ of heat energy is supplied to it, calculate the amount of heat energy that transformed into work.

10. Calculate the useful work done by the engine of efficiency 40% when 60,000 J of energy is supplied to it.


11. The ultrasound sent by a SONAR is received after 6 seconds. Calculate the depth of the ocean if the speed of sound in water is 1.5 km/s .

12. The SONAR measures the depth of the ocean to be 1.75 km. at a particular place. Calculate after how many seconds the ultrasound is received after it’s transmission. 

13. The ultrasound sent by a SONAR is received after 3 seconds. Calculate the speed of sound in water if the depth of the ocean is 2.25 km.

14. A sound wave travels at speed 330m/s. If it’s wavelength is 1.2 cm, then calculate the frequency. Is this sound audible?

15. A sound wave travels 680 m. in 2 seconds. If it’s frequency is 20Hz, find the wavelength.

16. A 50Hz vibrator produces sound wave of velocity 340m/s. What is it’s

(a) Time period                                      (b) wavelength

17. The ultrasonic wave sent by the SONAR returns after 5 seconds after hitting the sea bed. Find the depth of the sea.

18. Show that the minimum distance between the source of sound and reflecting surface must be 17m in order to cause an echo.

19. A boy hears the first echo of his clap in front of a mountain after 2 s. If the speed of sound in air is 340m/s , find the distance between the boy and mountain.

Electromagnetic Induction

20. If the primary of the transformer has 1000 turns and the secondary of the transformer has

20 turns. If the voltage in the primary coil is 250 V, calculate the voltage in the secondary coil.

21. A 240 V a.c. is to be stepped down to 12 V. If the primary of the transformer has 1000 turns in it then find the number of turns in the secondary.

Behavior Gases

22. At constant temperature, the volume of a given mass of gas is 240cm3. What is the volume of gas if the pressure on the gas i increased by three times without changing the temperature?

23.Calculate the densitiesof two gases X and Y if their rates of diffusion are in the ratio 2:3 respectively.

24. The volume of certain gas at 300C temperature and 300 k Pa (Pascal) pressure is 2litre. If the volume is increased by three times by keeping the temperature constant, what will be the resultant pressure on the gas?

25.The gas A is four times denser than gas B. Find the ratio between their rates of diffusion. 

26. Five liter of gas is enclosed in a vessel at a pressure of 3 X 105 Pa at constant temperature. Calculate the volume of the gas when the pressure is increased to 5X105 Pa.

27. Six liters of Hydrogen gas is stored at 300 K. To reduce its volume by 1/3, to what temperature this gas must be cooled? The pressure is kept constant.

28.  At constant temperature the pressure of 2 liter of gas is 4X105  Pa. If the volume of gas is increased two times by how many times the volume changes.

29. Two liter of gas enclosed in a vessel at 2x105  Pa pressure and allowed to expand up to 4L

under constant temperature. Calculate the pressure of the gas.

30. When the pressure on the gas is decreased from 2500 Pa to 500 Pa, the volume of gas was found to be 2400 L. Calculate the initial volume.

Ionic conduction

31. What mass of copper is deposited on cathode in the copper Voltameter by the passage of 2 ampere of electric current for 30 mins. (E.C.E. of copper is 0.0003 g/coulomb)

32. How many amperes of current is required to deposit on cathode 5g of gold per hour.

33. How much time is required to deposit 1.10gm of copper by passing 0.5 ampere of current. (E.C.E. of copper is 0.00033 g/coulomb).

34. To deposit 0.54 gm of copper on cathode in a copper voltameter, how many coulombs of charges are required?

35. Siiver voltameter and copper voltameter are connected in series. The mass of copper deposited is 0.31gm and that of silver is 0.091gm. If the E.C.E. of copper is 0.00033g/C , then calculate the E.C.E. of silver.

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